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          Not everyone able to speak English in a cool and with a distinct accent like the young famous Indonesian actress, Cinta Laura. Of course, being a half Indonesian and half Germany also help the fact that she has one of those rare imported tongue. But how do we get to speak like her? How do we be able to speak, write, listen and chat freely with that remarkable English language style?.

It has been a global knowledge almost to anyone that to be able to speak English is a must in this globalization and westernization world. Not only students at college or junior high, these days little kids also already studying English in their happy hour playgroup time.

Being an Indonesian, do means that we have limitation in our accent, perhaps in our grammar or perhaps in our slang vocabulary. But we can get there by practice and sweat a little.

Remember that learning is a gradual process, it won’t happen in overnight. Try to make it as a habit ; 10 minutes a day? 15 minutes a day? Or perhaps 30 minutes your day? It’s your call.

And don’t forget to choose your materials well. You will need reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening materials. A lot of materials are available in the bookstores and even available free to read online at certain websites.

Try to communicate or study with a friend. Learning together can be very encouraging and won’t be boring.

You can also try to join an English course or probably an English club.

Or try the fun way, watching movies on DVDs with subtitle on it. Enhanced your formal and even your informal vocabulary.

Do be patients with yourself. Remember that learning is a process, not a fast track highways. Maybe someday we all can speak like the way Cinta Laura does. No need to be grumpy to study, it’s not that rainy in here. So no need to whine,”Udah ujan, becek, nggak ada ojek, jalan kecipak-kecepek, duit bokek!”. Have fun studying !


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Cynantia Rachmijati S.Ds,Grad.Dip.Journ


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