"Is it wrong to feel lazy or having a rest?"
  Diterbitkan oleh Cynantia Rachmijati on 7 months ago

These days, it is all about being productive. All over tiktok and youtube, you will be bombarded by videos and how to on “How to become more productive”, “how to be that girl”, how to wake up at 4 am while working and writing thesis and eating healthy but still looking cute and pretty.

And you have to do all that while socializing, living, breathing, trying to make living, watching the latest movie series and you don’t get to have a melt down day.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong to become productive. There is nothing wrong to work hard and achieve things, to become ambitious and live life to the fullest.

But with all these “bombarded” program on how to become productive, people then forget to take care of themselves. They forget to eat, they don’t get enough sleep and then burnout happens.

All this fast paced life is scary. We need to slow down.

Enjoy the moment. Soak the situation. Have we try to connect to old friends today? Have you eat anything good today? Did you stop and enjoy the sunset yesterday? Did you kiss your parents good night?.

In concluded, there is nothing wrong to feel productive, to feel lazy, to get some rest. After all we only humans. But always remember to prioritize yourself first



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